Mariya (0nce) wrote,


Wow. This NYTimes page makes me want to cower in a corner and wilt. Must snap out of self-induced feeling of powerlessness in negative 10 minutes.

Twilight zone. Feeling physically sick and motionless. Practice tests flashing on the screen. Brain 'splodes. Need some direct winds, a panda influx, or a violent massage.

In other news, had a dream that Eddie Izzard wrote me a rec for med school. This is past ridiculous. Gap year will be crucial in maintaining sanity.

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ridic. (all of it, especially the news. reading the news is pretty rarely a good choice.)

Is it just me or is the NY times article on the new HIV finding a bit incomprehensible? I had to read it two or three times to keep track of the players involved and what was actually being reported in the paper whose results were released this weekend... I think they spent more time reporting the delay of the paper release than the content of the paper itself and what is potentially to be done in response to the paper.