Mariya (0nce) wrote,

rant: M.D./Ph.D./MSW

1. I have little interest in doing research. Especially when I'd be doing the kind of research that I'd rather be learning about while doing the actual legwork in talking to patients. All the Ph.D. and even Psy.D. programs feel like foreign limbs. I'm also underprepared, research-wise, for a Ph.D. program, though that could technically change within the next few years if I want it to.
2. I have little interest in spending 10 minutes with a person to prescribe him chemicals. All the psychiatrists I have worked with/met so far do just that. I'm terrified of the M.D. because I don't want to set myself up for a position that pays me to push people away.
3. I cannot imagine being satisfied with the scope and depth of a social work education; nor does it seem like it will help pay my and eventually my sister's rent.

Is this really a lose-lose situation?

I am interested in:

1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy as primary line of defense [preceded by motivational interviewing/ analogous/chimeric techniques specific to substance abuse, if this ends up my general field of choice].
2. Looking at faces more than looking at papers, numbers, computer screens [an impossible dream?].

I need to know, to put it bluntly, if psychiatry can be therapeutic in more than a pharmaceutical sense, whether the modern psychiatrist can manage to be an effective and thorough therapist. My personal experience shows that there's room for this as a Psychology Ph.D. and an M.S.W. in the context of private practice.

My burning question for the audience:

It would really help me to hear a bit more personal feedback. If you have had any experience engaging with a psychiatrist, I would be thrilled to hear your thoughts or stories. Reply to the post anonymously if you prefer, or e-mail me; I will be eternally grateful.
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