Mariya (0nce) wrote,

On not projecting one's childhood onto one's children

I'm a little concerned about tomorrow, with regard to my sister's camp: they're having their "wear something from your favorite sports team" day. She's going to wear a blue and white dress, I specifically instructed her to say that she likes all the teams if anyone asks, my mom told her to say that she likes ice skating as her favorite sport; basically, I'm just hoping that nobody gives a shit and that she's not stuck in isolating situations in which people take more trouble than it is worth to be jerks. I'm sure that it won't be too bad, but I won't be reassured completely until I get back from work and see her smiling and in one piece.

[And yes; she is, by all intents and purposes, my child. It's really great to slip "my five-year-old" into conversations with strangers and watch their response.]
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